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Grass Fed beef from Miniature Herefords

The Rusty Cow Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Herefords

Hereford Cattle Company where Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Herefords are our top priority!
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Grass Fed Beef Available

Buy our natural beef “on the hoof” We sell quarters halves, wholes, and you can buy as little as 100# for the smaller family. Deposit required…and you must pick up at the processing plant on time unless prior arrangements have been made. If you haven’t used fresh, grass finished beef before, you are in for a fantastic experience. Our calves finish out at 600 to 900 pounds, depending on age and size.

We sell live weight only. If you wish to buy a calf of your own, you can pick it up, have it delivered to your pasture or processor of your choice.

More About Hereford Cattle

Our Hereford History:

Herefordshire England started the Hereford breed dating back to the 1700’s with the main goal producing cattle with a great propensity to efficiently convert grass to beef on smaller parcels of land, along with disposition and early maturity. A trait that happily continues to this day. Miniature Herefords have been around for many years, direct descendents from their full size Hereford predecessors. Unlike most “fads”, Miniature Herefords fill a much needed niche for today’s market and are here to stay.

From the turn of the century to the 1960’s, continued careful breeding of the Hereford resulted in a small highly efficient beef animal. The 1960’s also brought about a change with beef producers looking to produce larger animals to fill dinner plates. Herefords became bigger and longer legged eventually falling out of favor as the industry moved toward other larger breeds for their needs.

Thankfully, in the 1970's the Largent family of Fort Davis, Texas took an interest in breeding Herefords back to their more original or normal size. They began with five cows and one bull. By 1981 the first true miniature Hereford bull was born.

Today the tradition continues and we followed Largent tradition by purchasing 5 cows & 1 Bull (with two calves) from the Largents and in less than 6 years have managed to build a sizable herd.

Recognizing “old farmers” and the “set in their ways” attitude, we purchase several standard size Herefords cows and crossed them our Miniature Hereford bulls. A happy herd evolved….we now had a herd that could soothe both Innovative newbies and diehards alike! We also proved that our great bulls could breed standard size cows and produce low birth weight calves (no calving problems here) and very fast growing weanlings that were marketable at an early age. Thrifty calves that never have that “hungry” look due to their great feed conversion efficiency. We mainly grow them on grass and do not ever use growth hormones, antibiotics, or feed that contains UGF (unidentified growth factor). All natural feed, all natural cows, and most importantly all natural beef! Heart healthy, stress free, grass fed beef!