"In the Middle of the Woods" - Hemphill, Texas
Grass Fed beef from Miniature Herefords

The Rusty Cow Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Herefords

Hereford Cattle Company where Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Herefords are our top priority!
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Our farm raises Miniature Hereford Cattle in Hemphill, TX

from The Rusty Cow Company

Miniature Hereford & Standard Hereford crosses always for sale in Hemphill, Tx to provide the best grass fed beef for your table or try growing your own.

Some discounts available...ask! If you are buying several, we may can put a package price together for you.
Our cattle are HORNED unless specifically stated.  Just because you see a baby pic without horns does NOT mean they are polled!


Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Hereford Cattle from The Rusty Cow Company
Updated 3/23/2018

NOTE: Our cattle are HORNED! We do have a few polled but just because we post a baby pic that doesn't show horns does not mean that the calf will be polled. Babies have "nubbies" that grow into horns!  Our cattle are pretty gentle...if you are afraid of horns -you shouldn't be in the cow biz. In 60 years I have been kicked and NEVER HORNED! 


  • Great for Agriculture exemptions on large and small tracts.
  • Can raise 2-3 cows per acre
  • Investment potential and tax credit
  • Great for children, FFA or 4-H project
  • Great for beef & ez handle dual purpose milk
  • Require less feed, less equipment and less handling
  • Easy Keepers, Very Docile and Early Maturing
  • Great for the Hobby Farmer as well as serious beef raisers
  • Easy on fences & that keeps your neighbors happy
  • Part time income for retirees
  • Great pets and petting zoo livestock
  • smaller beef animal allows an owner to utilize smaller freezers
  • Grass fed beef for Cowpooling - consumers love the smaller cuts.

Miniature Herefords exhibit an improved cow/calf weaning ratio, good mothers, greater rib eye are per hundred weight, less waste with a higher dressing percentage. Iincreased tenderness due to genetics and early maturity.   Oustanding traits when compared to the modern beef animal.

It is important to note that I handle my cattle without my husband’s help (he works out of town). I worm them, move them around and have very little trouble doing so. Herefords are very docile cattle and easy on the land and me! The majority of my cattle are not pets (unless I wish to make them so) but they are very tame to handle.

December 2017 Fuzzy Coat Winter Pics...

Package prices must be purchased as is with no subs. Should a calf be sold individually, packages will be reconfigured. Package prices offer discounts not available in single purchases.  If you would like a package put together of your choosing, email us at therustycowcompany@gmail.com or text to (409) 457-6495

Our Big Boy Bull "George" & a few of his calves.  George is Gentle & easy to handle.  He's not a pet, but he knows when I call him and how to move his cows around where I want them. Since my husband works out of town and I handle the cattle, it is real important for me to have cows & bulls with an easy going attitude.  He's beefy in the rear end (it's hard to show in pics) and passes it on to his offspring.  Very important when you are selling beef!  If you are wanting to breed mini's, crossbred calves, or just want to chunk up your herd you really should consider one of his calves as a herdsire!