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Grass Fed beef from Miniature Herefords

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Grass Fed Beef 1/4 Package 55# Limited Availability $550 total


These packages will/are selling fast. This listing is for 1/4 calf which will be 55# of processed meat @ $10.00 per pound = $550.00+

$275 is deposit only -balance due at pick up!  

You will received assorted steaks, roasts, stew meat, & a small amount of hamburger grind. There are many ways to cut up a side of beef. We have found that most people prefer as many steaks as they can get so this is our most popular package.

  These are young calves fed out on grass...the meat will be tender. Our calves are raised all natural - no antibiotics or growth hormones.

NOTE: It will be about 3 weeks after you pay your deposit before your meat is ready for pick up.  You are buying your meat "on the hoof" - we take to processor and we age it for at least 14 days.

Total Price: $550.00. Deposit Only $275.00. Non-Refundable.

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