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SOLD Dede...Mini Hereford Calf...very nice Updated pic 11/27/17


Frame Score 000-- Good bloodlines.

Great full bodied heifer.

This heifer has great color and very good topline. One of my best this year...I was going to keep her but I retained two others.  I

If you want to start your own herd of mini's, here's the chance! Fine Heifer out of Diana's daughter who has been a great Heifer producing cow for me. Born on my farm, she raises fine quality calves...and this little girl of hers is no exception. She will be a fine calf for show, pet, ag exemption, or breeding stock! Start your own herd the right way...raise your calves from the start and there will be no doubt. This is for the heifer calf only.

INFO: Her mother was born and raised on our farm. No steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. She was raised on grass, hay, and all natural feeds. She is an excellent producer of fine chunky offspring. Low birth weights and fast weight gainers...just what you want in your herd.

Horned and we no longer register our cattle.

 Updated 7/21/17 I left the winter baby pic so you can see the difference.  Might help you judge in the future.  Don't look at their color or scruffy coat or mud/pooh on them. Look at their confirmation. Look at the top line. Look at the proportions. See if it will mature out to be what you are looking for.


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