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Grass Fed beef from Miniature Herefords

The Rusty Cow Grass Fed Beef & Miniature Herefords

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SOLD OUT 40# Grass Fed Burger Deal! $250.00 Full Price


Got hungry mouths? Need a lot of burger or chili meat? We have a limited supply of larger beeves that we are going to grind up. These beeves will produce the finest, lean ground beef you have ever had the pleasure of putting in your mouth! Experience the joys of minimum shrinkage! Imagine not having to "scoop" out excess grease from your prized recipes! Burgers, Meatloaf, Spaghetti Sauce, Goulash...all turn out perfectly! 5 Alarm Chili's with out the grease! And at a great price...What a deal!  That's $6.25# for premium all natural grass fed beef!  Ditch the store bought stuff and dig into the real thing!


Specify hamburger grind or chili grind or both. Price includes processing fees.


Total price: $250 Payment in Full Required.

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